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November 2, 2010

Monitor Employees

As an employer you have an obligation to provide your employees with a safe and healthy work environment. As an employer, you also have the right to protect your business from internal theft and from unlawful employee liability claims. One of the best ways to do this is to monitor employees by using a digital video security system. Many businesses involved in money handling have already learned the benefit of these systems to not only monitor customers but employees as well. If you think that monitoring employees has little useful benefit, as yourself why banks and casinos are such large proponents of the practice.

Monitoring employees can be accomplished easily by using just one camera. For example, an IP camera or Internet Protocol camera can be used alone or networked using the internet to monitor your employees. These cameras normally come with their own software that allows you to use your own personal computer to monitor and record digital video.

If you have multiple offices, buildings, etc. than a more sophisticated system may be necessary for your business. Standalone video security systems can handle up to 16 separate cameras per system and can provide monitoring and recording for each camera.

In addition to monitoring potential employee theft, security camera systems can also be used to protect employees from potential outside sources. Security cameras make excellent monitors for entrances and exits, especially when used in tandem with a security entrance system.

Monitoring employees can also be a benefit for the employer and employee alike. For example, security cameras placed in locations that are employee accident prone can not only protect the employer from unjustified liability claims, but can provide documentation as to why that particular area is accident prone so that it may be corrected.

It’s not just the employer that may be subject to liability claims. Employees may be subjected to sexual harassment from other employees regardless if they are non-supervisory, supervisory, administrative, or management. A well thought out and placed security system can document and substantiate acts of sexual harassment or help substantiate that a sexual harassment claim was unmerited.

No matter what your perspective, monitoring employees in this day and age is a good all-around idea to offer protection not only to the employer but the employee as well. A good video security system can provide the level of protection you need to protect you from external as well as internal theft, safety and liability issues, and other workplace issues. Contact one of our experienced professionals for your evaluation today.