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November 2, 2010

Benefits Of A Home Medical Alert System

Medical alarms can make all the difference in the world for those with special needs. In an emergency, these alerts keep open the lines of communication between those who need help and those who can provide it. They also ensure rapid and efficient response to crisis situations, using radio signals and automatic dialing to notify the proper authorities. Thus, individuals who are prone to injuries, medical complications, or other types of personal emergencies can benefit immensely from medical alerts.Each year, household accidents take the lives of thousands of people, many of whom could have survived if help had arrived sooner. Those who are elderly or have physical disabilities are often at a higher risk for accidents, and may be unable to deal with them without assistance. Medical alerts summon help as soon as it is needed, even if the user is severely injured or otherwise impaired.

Medical alarms are designed to be extremely easy to use–if you’re stuck in a personal emergency, the last thing you want to do is operate complex machinery. Luckily, all you have to do to activate an alarm is press a button. Most medical alarm systems come with a small personal transmitter that can be carried at all times. The user presses a button on this transmitter, sending a radio signal to a console installed somewhere in the house.This console, when activated, automatically dials a preset phone number and contacts an emergency service center. The representative who answers the call is trained to handle emergencies and can provide immediate assistance. The caller communicates the problem to this representative directly. If there is no voice response, the operator will contact someone to check up on the individual.

Medical Alarms at Home

Some elderly individuals don’t need any extra help, but may be worried about being alone during a personal emergency. Studies show that over a third of elderly persons have a fall at some point in their old age. In most cases, the individuals don’t sustain serious injuries but cannot get back up by themselves. When there is no one to help them up, they can often develop further problems or make minor injuries much worse.A common solution to this problem would be to live in an environment where there is always someone who can help. Many senior citizens choose to live in retirement homes or care facilities, where trained staff are always on hand to provide assistance. But leaving the comfort of one’s own home doesn’t have to be the only way. With medical alarms, those who wish to stay in their residences with their loved ones can still receive help, even when they’re alone.

Medical alarms contribute to keeping a safe, protected environment in the home. They can cost much less than living fees at a care facility, and don’t require complicated operation procedures. Most importantly, they give their users what every human being should have: the right to live independently. Medical alarms come in many different shapes sizes functions and brands. It’s important to understand why medical alarms are useful and why they are so important. And don’t think that medical alarms are only for senior citizens.While senior citizens are most likely the ones to benefit from Medical Alarms, other types of people can benefit, as well. For instance, if you’re caring for elderly parents, giving them a medical alarm can make you feel more at ease. Also, if a person has been injured and can’t get around as well, a medical alarm can help that person, as well.

Medical Alarms Put Your Mind at Ease

The obvious, common use for medical alarms is as a safeguard for the elderly. While very few things can fully succeed in preventing elderly falls, medical alarms can put your mind at rest. If your loved one falls and is unable to reach a phone for help, a medical alarm can put them in touch with help instantly. Obviously, medical alarms are more convenient and more safe than simply having a phone around. Even if your loved one had medical help available through a speed dial, how would they be able to speed dial anyone if they couldn’t reach the phone? This is why medical alarms are so ideal. The individual wears them on their wrist, around their neck or on their belt for easy, fast access in case they fall or are otherwise unable to reach a phone.

Medical Alarms Also Reinforce Dignity

One of the other things that medical alarms do that most people don’t think about is reinforce the dignity of the wearer. Often, seniors can equate living on their own with living a dignified life. Many of them feel that once they go into an assisted living situation, they’ll lose that dignity. Since a medical alarm can, effectively, stop them from going into an assisted living situation, it can also allow them to keep their dignity. In the end, you can see how useful medical alarms can be. They protect your loved ones, your own peace of mind as well as their dignity.